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July 2018
  July 15th July 8th July 1st
June 2018
    June 27th June 24th
June 17th June 10th June 6th June 3rd
May 2018
  May 27th May 23rd May 20th
May 16th May 13th May 6th May 2nd
April 2018
April 29th April 25th April 22nd April 18th
April 15th April 8th April 4th April 1st
March 2018
  March 28th March 25th March 21th
March 18th March 11th March 7th March 4th
February 2018
  February 28th February 25th February 21th
February 18th February 11th February 7th February 4th
January 2018
January 31st January 28th January 24th January 21st
January 17th January 14th January 10th January 7th
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To save a sermon to your device:
The .mp3 format sermon files on this page can be downloaded to your computer or device and saved so that you: can play them from your computer, burn them to CD, or load them to portable mp3 players.

 Here's how it is done.
1. Place your mouse over the sermon name you would like to save.

2. Right click your mouse. A menu will come up giving you several choices.

3. Select  "Save Link," "Save Target As" or "Download Linked File" (whichever comes up in your browser). This will bring up a window asking you the folder name to which to save the file and the name under which you want to save it.  All the .mp3 files on this page have been given a filename which includes the date of the sermon. You can change the name of the file at this point (if you choose to do so). For Mac users wishing to change the file name, chose "Download Linked File As" in the download menu.

4. Finally, navigate to and select the folder in which you want to save the file and click the "SAVE" button. This will save the file. You can save the file in the default folder (to which the browser saves downloads), or you can use or create another folder in which to save these files. If you choose this method, be sure to remember the file name you choose.



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